The door bell screamed and my heart skipped a beat. He came. With impossible smile I opened the door.
“Hi. How are you?” I asked him.
He looked at me with lustful eyes. Within a moment I noticed his mood. He is absolutely aroused. He didn’t speak a word and let him in. 
As soon as he entered the room, he shut the door and locked it. He turned to me and grabbed me by elbow and pinned me to the wall. He claimed my mouth so ferociously which made me breathless. He tore his mouth from me and lift me up in his arms. 
“Now I am perfectly fine darling, thank you.” he said grinning at me.
I love him smiling and showing his sharp teeth which mark me everyday.
He lift me up and carried me to the bedroom and landed me on the king size bed which has its hood in rocky cuts giving it a look of cave. It was my choice and he gifted me.
“And I have a big surprise for you baby.” he said with a wicked grin which explains his surprise is also a part of his wicked thoughts.
“I think you must first tell me why you have bought me a surprise?” I questioned.
“Because my lovely wife looks so yummy today which makes me feel I am starving from ages, so I have a surprise” He said and laughed like a wolf. 
With no time wasting in another word he closed my lips from his. He kissed me passionately. Our kiss deepens. Hot. Edgy. He massaged my jaw with his tongue. My sex clenched and I hit the arousal. I lost myself in him and he took good care of me. Kissing me everywhere he removed my clothing. Touching. Kissing. Teasing. Caressing he moved downward. My chest were aching with love and desire. 
His one hand moved to my waistband of my jeans and other was unhooking the bra. Shoving the cloths on the floor he arched me and claimed by breasts. Nibbling, sucking my one nipple he rolled the other tit between his free fingers. I gasped with pleasure. Hot need arose between my legs and I removed his clothing. With fidgeting fingers I unhooked his shirt buttons and tossed them off and moved for his bottoms. As I reached down to him he caught my wrist and moved it up above my head and out of nowhere he removed a handcuff and cuffed me to the hood. Kissing me harshly he clasped my other wrist and cuffed it to the bed hood with another handcuff. 
“What are you doing?” I protested trying to free myself. 
“Nothing sweetheart. Just a part of surprise. Trust me I won’t hurt you. And if your terrified I’ll free right now.” He said and reached to the hood. Instead of unlocking me he checked the cuffs. I frowned and scowled at him. He laughed. 
Cupping my face he kissed me gently. 
“Oh baby I love you so much. Please allow me to love you?” He asked caressing my cheeks and kissed my eyes.
Kissing my lips once again he moved down to my throat nibbling my skin and leaving marks on the way down to my belly. Softly chewing my abdomen he tugged a finger over my clit tracing the entrance of my sex. He widened my vagina and inserted two fingers scissoring and widening the clenching throb inside me. I gasped loudly. Since when he mastered in foreplay? I almost laughed at the thought and he noticed and reached to my smiling lip and collided.
His movement quicken with hard thrust along with his passionate kiss. My core clenched and I gave up within a second on my first orgasm. 
God its just starting. I smiled under his lips and he kissed my both cheeks. 
“I am not done yet.” He said grinning devilishly at me. 
“Who says to stop!” I gave him my cheeky grin. Growling he kissed me hard.
“You are a witch. Your sexy mouth should always be shut like this.” He said over my lips. I laughed and he again clasped my lips with his. 
“I will be back soon.” He said and tore himself from me, leaving me helpless. 
He came back with a glass in his right hand and a black cloth material in his left. I wonder what he would do now. 
Keeping the glass on a side table he blindfolded me. Great, now am not allowed to see as well.
“What are you trying to do honey?” I asked him and I can make out he is smiling. I heard a clink of something and felt his soft hand over my abdomen. While he was caressing my curves I felt a hard, cold thing on my lips. Shit! Ice. No way he gonna make me chill under him.
“Oh my goodness, what the hell are you doing! Don’t freeze me up now.” I plead and heard him laughing. Wolf. I cursed under my breath. 
He begins his torture again. Taking another piece of ice in his mouth he trailed down from cheek to my throat, then moving down to my bulge on chest. He traced my breasts from left to right. Drawing freezing patterns over my boobs he rolled my tit with one hand and claiming the other with iced mouth. 
I gasped in ecstasy. This is so amazing. He hovered over my stomach and left the small piece of ice on my belly button. My whole body got thrilled with goose bumps.
He removed the rolling hand from my breast and touched my clitoris with his cool fingers. I scowled at him and he laughed softly. Rubbing his cool fingers around my pussy he pushed his two fingers inside me. 
It was so good, the feeling of hotness and coolness together in me. 
He kept thrusting his fingers until I came once again. He kept on doing the icy torture on my boobs and bottoms.
“How do you feel baby?” He asked me while squeezing my breast with his free hand.
“I need you. Please.” I begged him. I wanted him so badly. I moved along with him altogether. He stroked deep inside and I clasped on my cuffs which retained me from clawing him. 
“I want to touch you. Please lemme go.” I plead and and heard another clinking of ice. God, what he’d do now? 
I was just wondering about his next step when I felt a freezing ice piece on my clit moving down to my entrance. I shivered. He hold me from behind as I jumped on the sensation and grabbed my butt tightly. 
He didn’t let go of me until I absorbed the punishment. He kissed me and squeezed my neglected tits. I heard a zipping sound and after few seconds his fly touched me.
He was full hard erect. The ice melt down inside me when he thrust in hard. The grip of my fingers tighten around the cuffs. I tried hard to move myself but all got in vain. I was totally pinned underneath him and was burning in pleasure.
His thrusting began very lightly and his arms tighten around me. He grew harder and harder in me. Gasping in each thrust I begged him for more and he fulfilled every promise. 
He took my mouth and removed the blindfold. I looked at him. He was on fire. His lust for me can be seen in his eyes. He leaned to my lips and sucked my lower lip. 
His pace grew harder and quick. The slick sound we made together was astonishing. My sex sucked him with his hard thrusting. His movement rocked me and the bed too. The creaking sound of the wood, clinking of handcuffs and slick thrusting, they all sound so erotic. I lost my mind to him and felt the building desire to come on him.
He kept doing his sweet torture and squeezing my each breasts. I was on the verge of coming when he said, 
“Come for me baby.” He requested and I gave in. He came after me flooding inside his seeds. 
Am damn gonna get pregnant for sure. And we both gasped in unison. He fell over me and hid himself under the crook of my neck. 
“I love you.” He said in husky voice.
“I love you too.” I said under my breath. We lay down like that for few more minutes then he got up and kissed me. 
He drew up and asked, “you want to eat something?” 
“How am I suppose to eat with my hands being cuffed up?” I taunt him with cheeky smile. 
“Actually you look gorgeous being tied up. And don’t worry I will feed you.” He said and moved away.
“Hey wait. Lemme go. Honey. You can’t do this to me. Hell you are.” I begged him but he went on with his devilish laugh.


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